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We aim at providing the best services in Umrah Visa with economical prices which are budget-friendly without compromising on your pleasure and convenience.

Documents necessary for the Standard Umrah Visa:

  • The passport should be credible for a minimum of 6 months
  • UAE Residence Visa of 3 months minimum permit
  • No objection letter (NOC) from your sponsor.
  • Emirates ID copy (if a resident).
  • 2 Recent Passport size colour photos with white background. (2 inch x 2 inch/51 mm x 51 mm).
  • Original vaccination certificate.
  • Bio-metrics registration is necessary.

Important Travel arrangements:

  • Women (below the age of 45) and Children (below the age of 18) must be escorted or attended by a Mahram (Husband or father or a male relative). The Mahram should mandatorily travel on the same flight as the wife or the children.
  • The minimum permittance of the Visa is 14 days.
  •  If a woman is over 45 years of age, she is allowed to travel without a Mahram. Nevertheless, a NOC should be given by the Mahram.
  • You are not eligible to travel to other areas of Saudi Arabia with it. As the Umrah visa only permits travel between Mecca and Medina.


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Umrah Visa in Dubai

A Comprehensive Guide

Performing Umrah is a significant spiritual journey for Muslims, and for residents in Dubai, obtaining the Umrah visa is a crucial step in making this pilgrimage. This comprehensive guide aims to provide detailed insights into the it’s process in Dubai, covering key aspects such as the application procedure, eligibility criteria, and essential tips for a seamless experience. Also explore our Umrah Air Packages.

Umrah Visa Process in Dubai

A Step-by-Step Guide

The process of obtaining  it in Dubai involves several steps, and a clear understanding of these steps is essential for a smooth application experience.

  • Documentation Requirements: The journey begins with gathering the necessary documentation. Applicants typically need a valid passport with at least six months of validity, passport-sized photographs, and a completed application form. Ensuring that all required documents are in order is crucial for a successful application.
  • Application Submission: Once the documentation is complete, applicants can submit their Umrah visa applications through authorized channels. In Dubai, this often involves applying through approved travel agencies or directly at the designated visa centers. The submission process may also include biometric data collection.
  • Processing Time: The processing time for it  can vary, so it’s advisable to apply well in advance of the planned travel dates. Understanding the expected processing time allows applicants to plan their pilgrimage with confidence.
  • Visa Approval and Collection: Upon approval, applicants can collect their visas for umrah. It’s essential to double-check the visa details for accuracy. In some cases, the visa might be issued as a sticker in the passport, while in others, it could be an electronic visa.

Eligibility Criteria for Umrah Visa in Dubai

Meeting the eligibility criteria is paramount for obtaining it in Dubai. The criteria are established to ensure that pilgrims are physically and financially capable of undertaking the journey.

  • Age Restrictions: It is typically granted to individuals within a certain age range. While there isn’t a specific age limit, authorities may require elderly pilgrims to be accompanied by a younger relative for support.
  • Financial Capability: Pilgrims must demonstrate their financial capability to undertake the journey. This includes having sufficient funds to cover travel expenses and stay in Saudi Arabia without relying on public funds.
  • Health Considerations: Applicants should be in good health to perform the pilgrimage. Obtaining a medical certificate from an authorized healthcare provider is often a mandatory part of the application process.
  • Non-Muslims: Non-Muslims are generally not eligible for an Umrah visa, as the pilgrimage is a religious obligation for Muslims. However, exceptions may be made for individuals who convert to Islam and wish to perform Umrah. If you also want Umrah Bus Packages also look at this.

Important Tips and Guidelines for Umrah Visa Applicants in Dubai

Navigating the it’s application process can be made easier with some valuable tips and guidelines.

  • Early Application: To avoid any last-minute hassles, it’s advisable to apply for the well in advance. This ensures that there is ample time for processing and addressing any potential issues that may arise during the application.
  • Accurate Documentation: Double-checking all documentation before submission is crucial. Incomplete or inaccurate paperwork can lead to delays or even rejection of the visa application. Paying attention to details ensures a smoother process.
  • Authorized Channels: Applying through authorized travel agencies or designated visa centers is highly recommended. These entities are well-versed in the application process and can provide assistance if needed.
  • Understanding Regulations: Being aware of the regulations surrounding it is essential. This includes staying informed about any changes in requirements or procedures. Regularly checking with relevant authorities or trusted sources helps applicants stay up-to-date.
  • Respecting Saudi Laws and Customs: Understanding and respecting the laws and customs of Saudi Arabia is crucial for a positive pilgrimage experience. This includes adherence to dress codes, behaviour in sacred places, and compliance with any local regulations.

In conclusion, the visa process in Dubai involves careful planning, adherence to eligibility criteria, and a good understanding of the application procedure. By following the steps outlined in this guide and incorporating the provided tips, prospective pilgrims can embark on their spiritual journey with confidence and a clear understanding of the requirements involved.

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