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Sri Lanka Visa Also known as the country of pearls, Sri Lanka is a country you can easily fall in love with at first sight. Explore the dense jungles, shrines, temples, scenic train rides, gorgeous beaches, tea plantations, ancient cities, scuba dive and a variety of hiking trails too. There are a whole lot when it comes to Sri Lanka! Neighbouring just 20 miles off India, this island was previously known as Ceylon. Before visiting this small island full of adventures, plan out your trip for the same in advance. To all the adventure junkies out there, apply for a visa have a short yet exhilarating getaway.


Visa Documents Of Sri Lanka

  • Credible 90 days UAE residence Visa
  • Legitimate Passport with 6 months validity (at least two blank pages)
  • 2 Latest Photographs on White Background (3.5*4.5 CM) which shall not match with your former Visa or passport
  • An invitation letter is mandatory For Level 2 country’s (Additional charges for invitation)


Our resources Of Sri Lanka Visa

  • Application submission at Sri
  • Lanka Embassy
  • Application Form Filling aid
  • Confirmation of Documents
  • Air tickets & Hotel Booking support
  • We provide extensive packages that involve air tickets, hotel bookings and exploration
  • The embassy will keep the authentic passport for stamping
  • Proceeding to the rejection, service & Visa fees are non-refundable

Approved return air tickets and hotel booking is necessary at the airport when visiting Sri Lanka

  1. Types of Sri Lanka Visas and Their Purpose: This section outlines the different types of visas available for entry into Sri Lanka and their specific purposes. It covers tourist visas, business visas, and other categories, explaining the conditions and restrictions associated with each. Readers will gain insights into the specific requirements for obtaining a visa based on their intended activities in Sri Lanka, whether for leisure, business, or other purposes.
  2. Sri Lanka Visa Application Process and Documentation: Here, we provide a detailed guide on the application process for obtaining a visa to Sri Lanka. This includes a step-by-step breakdown of the application procedure, required documentation, and any additional information applicants need to know. Understanding the documentation and submission process is crucial for a smooth and successful visa application, whether done online or through the embassy or consulate.
  3. Sri Lanka Visa On Arrival: Procedures and Eligibility: This section focuses on the convenient option of obtaining a visa on arrival in Sri Lanka. It outlines the eligibility criteria for travelers who can avail themselves of this service, the Saudi Arab application process at the point of entry, and any specific conditions or documentation required. Travelers opting for a visa on arrival will find valuable information here to facilitate a seamless entry into Sri Lanka without the need for a prior visa application.
  4. Sri Lanka Visa Fees and Payment Procedures: This section details the various fees associated with Sri Lanka visas, breaking down costs based on different visa types and durations. It also explains the accepted methods of payment, whether online or in-person. Understanding the financial aspects of obtaining a Sri Lanka visa is crucial for applicants to plan and budget accordingly, ensuring a smooth payment process and avoiding any delays or complications.
  5. Common Challenges in Visa Applications Tips and Solutions: This section addresses common issues and challenges faced by applicants during the Sri Lanka visa application process. It provides valuable tips and solutions to overcome potential hurdles, such as document discrepancies, processing delays, or rejection reasons. By being aware of these challenges and armed with practical advice, applicants can enhance the likelihood of a successful visa application and minimize the risk of complications.
  6. Sri Lanka Visa Policies and Updates: This section covers the latest policies and updates related to Sri Lanka visas. It includes information on any recent changes in visa regulations, new visa categories, or updates in application procedures. Staying informed about the latest developments ensures that applicants are aware of any modifications to the visa process, helping them submit accurate and up-to-date applications in line with Sri Lankan immigration requirements.
  7. Sri Lanka Visa Extensions: Process and Guidelines: This section explores the procedures and guidelines for extending a visa in Sri Lanka. It covers the various circumstances under which individuals may need to extend their stay, the required documentation, and the application process. Understanding the rules and regulations for visa extensions is essential for those already in Sri Lanka who wish to prolong their stay for reasons such as tourism, work, or other valid purposes. Clear insights into the extension process will help individuals navigate the necessary steps in compliance with Sri Lankan immigration policies. Also Explore Details Of Oman Visa

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